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User Comments:
1. | Dec 6, 2013
First things first, wlmocee back, Daniel Weintraub. Your clear thinking and to-the-point prose contribute much to public policy. Nowhere are they needed more than in the health care arena.Having followed the health care reform machinations since the late-1980 s, I sadly concede that it is, once again, time to go back to the drawing board. This time, however, let's handle it somewhat differently. First, let's bring the participants to the table, and let them point fingers at one another, rather than hiding behind their hired guns of the respective policitical parties. Second, let's limit the discussion to a select few major topics, all of which must be addressed, resulting in some sort of model consensus legislation: universal care; costs; federal and state involvement; and others as appropriate. Rather than watch Republicans and Democrats square off yet again, let's let the major players (providers, pharma, insurance, hospitals, users) come up with a comprehensive solution, sans the predictable posturing of the political parties. Naive as this approach might seem, the prospect of even modest improvement depends on re-inventing the process.
2. | Dec 4, 2013
Hi Keelin,You can register the kids on the day you arvire at VBS if you want to. I'm not sure why the form isn't on the website. I will try to get it uploaded before the end of the week. If you have questions, call me at the church: 208-773-4621. We look forward to your kids coming! Thanks!
3. | Dec 4, 2013
I had a broken leg on Dec. and need an oprietaon but the wound is not closed properly. I listened to you and I would like to know what else I could do to help the healing process. bye for nowMichael C.
4. | Jul 17, 2013
As Charlie Sheen says, this article is "WI!NINGN"
5. | Jul 14, 2013
"...because according to my Blogger Dashboard, the same moeniatrdg/captcha requirements should be in place on all my blogs."I just commented at SBP and while I had to log into my Google account and received the Your comment will be visible after approval. message, I didn't have to translate weird code-words.Ooohhmm. Sending out SPAM-blocking karma.Ooohhmm.